Are you looking after a relative? A friend? A neighbour ?

Are you a Carer?

You may not see yourself as one, but if you

are supporting a relative or friend of any

age who fits one or more of the descriptions

below, then you are a Carer.

They:         are elderly and frail

    • are physically disabled

    • have a learning disability

    • have mental health issues

    • have a history of substance misuse

    • have a serious health condition

Did you know that there is a range of

support available to you, which will

help you look after yourself as well as

the loved one you care for?


Here at Trentside our Carers Champion is Sherry and she happy for you to call her on 0115 9403775 option 5. Sherry works Monday Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays.

We need to keep our Carers register updated so please let the practice know if you are a Carer. During the Flu season (September-February) we offer flu vaccines to all our Carers no matter what age, so please let us know.

What kind of support and

services do we provide?

The Nottinghamshire Carers Hub can offer:

  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Signposting to other organisations
  • Short break accommodation
  • Access to Carers support groups
  • Free gym memberships
  • Access to Carers breaks
  • Free training and caring support
  • ‘Carers Smart’ benefits and discounts
  • Carers grants
  • Peer support

How can we help you?

Funded by Nottinghamshire County

Council and the local NHS, Carers

Trust East Midlands provides a range

of support and services which can

be accessed via the


Carers Hub.

By contacting our Helpdesk on

0115 824 8824, you can speak to an experienced

support worker who will provide a personalised

service that meets your individual needs.

Call us: 0115 824 8824

Email us:

Connect with us: CTEastMidlands


Visit our website:

Nottinghamshire County Council funds Carers Federation to give

advice and support to carers across Nottinghamshire.

When you contact this service a carer support worker will identify

the support most appropriate to your situation. If you are seeking

information, they will try to provide this for you or point you in the

direction of an organisation that is able to provide more specific

help – for example when the person you care for has a condition

such as Alzheimer’s or has had a stroke.

Carers Federation offer a number things to help carers,

these include:

  • individual one to one support
  • telephone helpline support
  • access to mentoring (particularly for younger adult carers who

are managing the demands of work/education as well as


  • group support
  • help with benefits and form filling to ensure you receive


  • referral to Adult Social Care for a carer’s assessment
  • information about your rights and a trained advocate to

support you if you are struggling to get the system to

hear you.


If you care for someone you have a right to ask for a carer’s

assessment. The assessment will look at the impact that caring

has on you and the support that you may need.

Caring may have an affect on you, for example your health,

work, social life, finance, education, family and personal life. It

is important that you know what help is available to help you

balance your caring life with a life of your own.

The assessment is about you, not the person you care for. You

can have a carer assessment whether or not the person you

care for has had a community care assessment.

Why should I have a carer’s assessment?

There are a number of benefits to having a carers assessment,

these include:

  • access to a personal budget – funding for you to have time

away from your caring role

  • access to short breaks – enabling you and the person you

care for to have a short break

  • access to advice and information about services including the

emergency card and other services and schemes funded by

Nottinghamshire County Council to support carers

  • access to advice from trained staff who can signpost you on

to local and national services that exist to help and support


How do I get a carer’s assessment?

To ask for a carer’s assessment:

telephone: 0300 500 80 80


You or someone else, such as a social care or healthcare worker

(for example doctor, mental health professional, social worker,

care coordinator) can do this for you.

When you contact us you will need to give some basic

information about you and the person that you care for, such as

name, address and date of birth.

You can choose to have an assessment on your own or with the

person that you care for, it can be done at your home or in any

other suitable place.

You are welcome to have a friend or relative with you to help you

explain your needs.

Will I need to pay for services?

There is no charge for support provided as a result of a carer’s


Carers can contact the Carers Support Service

call: 0300 500 80 80




The Carers Emergency Card is a free small card that identifies

you as a carer in an emergency situation. It will alert anyone

finding the card to the fact that you are a carer and that

someone you care for may require assistance. In the event of an

emergency you will have peace of mind that there is a 24-hour

system in place to ensure that the person you care for is looked


We will issue you with a card that you can carry with you at all

times. There is a telephone number on the card that will connect

the caller to the Customer Service Centre or the out of hours

Emergency Duty Team – this gives 24 hour cover for 7 days a


When you sign up for the card you’ll be asked to nominate

people who could be contacted in an emergency to help make

arrangements for the person that you care for. You can also

provide other information, for example medical details and advice

regarding access to the home. We record this information and

treat it with the utmost confidence.

If something happens to you and someone rings the number, our

staff will respond immediately by trying to contact the people that

you have nominated.

If our staff are able to locate your emergency contact(s) they will

discuss arrangements regarding the person you care for. If

necessary, adult social care staff will be involved in helping to

arrange suitable support.

If none of the nominated people can be contacted, adult social

care staff will ensure care is provided for the person you care for.

To ask for an emergency card please contact our Carers

Support Service on 0300 500 80 80 or


Carers can contact the Carers Support Service on

call: 0300 500 80 80



Help in a crisis

The Crisis Prevention Scheme enables the person you care for

to be looked after in their home if you have an unforeseen or

emergency situation. The service is available to all adult carers

(over 18) where the ‘cared for’ person lives in Nottinghamshire

(except Nottingham city residents).

Some examples of crisis situations where the scheme could

provide support include:

  • your admission into hospital
  • you need to attend an unplanned doctors appointment
  • you need to attend an unplanned medical appointment
  • you have a family emergency, including another family member

becoming seriously ill and requires help or attention

  • there is significant risk to your employment on a particular


  • the funeral of a friend or close relative.

This is not a complete list but gives guidance on the sort of

situations where the Crisis Prevention Scheme could help.

The Crisis Prevention Scheme is available across all districts

and is provided by Home Based Care providers funded by

Nottinghamshire County Council. Here is a list of your local

scheme providers:


Care UK Homecare 0333 999 7628


Care UK Homecare 0333 999 7628


Comfort Call 01909 768196


Comfort Call 01636 858675


Direct Health 0115 896 4005


Agincare UK 0115 8470015


Agincare UK 0115 847 0015

When calling your local scheme provider please ask for the

Crisis Prevention Service.

Carers can contact the Carers Support Service on

call: 0300 500 80 80



Carers personal budget

A Carers Personal Budget is a payment of up to £200 to help

carers look after their own health and wellbeing. To see if you

are eligible for a personal budget you will need to have a carer’s

assessment to look at what your needs are.

A Carers Personal Budget can be used for lots of things,

for example:

  • funding towards the cost of holidays, weekends away, days

out, spa days

  • transport for a break away or visiting family
  • funding for a hobby e.g. fishing, golf, cooking, exercise


  • college courses
  • driving lessons
  • home improvements, gardening, domestic help
  • equipment to help caring, for example a washing machine,


  • funding to support a return to work.


How much you could get

We will take your individual circumstances into account when we

work out how much your Carers Personal Budget will be.

We will look at what you want to achieve with the money, such

as getting fit or having an active social life. W e give priority to

carers where there is a significant risk of the caring role brea king


Not everyone gets the same amount, and it won’t necessarily

cover everything you want. We need to make sure that the

decisions we make about personal budgets are consistent, fair

and based on need.

The Carers Personal Budget is limited to one per year. The

payment is non-taxable and will not be taken into account for

benefit purposes.

Carers can contact the Carers Support Service on

call: 0300 500 80 80




The NHS in Nottinghamshire funds breaks for carers. To receive

a break you first need to have a carer ’s assessment from

Nottinghamshire County Council and have been assessed as

meeting the criteria for a break (for more information about this

call the Carer Support Service on 0300 500 80 80).

The person that you care for does not need to be assessed for

an ‘NHS carer break’. The breaks usually take the form of ‘oneoff’

residential or home-based services.

As the funding is provided by NHS Nottinghamshire, the carer

and the person cared for must be resident in Nottinghamshire

County (except Nottingham City). The carer and the person

cared for must also be registered with a Nottinghamshire County

GP (except Nottingham City).

For more information on the Nottinghamshire Short Breaks Policy,

please contact 0300 500 80 80 for a copy of the policy.

Carers can contact the Carers Support Service on

call: 0300 500 80 80




Young carers

Are you between 5 and 24 years old and looking

after someone?

It can feel good to help. It may mean that you:

  • help with tasks such as washing, or shopping, dressing or

taking medicines

  • provide emotional and/or practical support
  • help to manage the behaviour of someone
  • provide support by ‘keeping an eye’ on someone.

If you are looking after your mum, dad, grandparent, brother

or sister, that person may need help because of their illness or

disability. The person you look after can have a community care

assessment for their needs.

Help and Support for You

As a young person caring for someone you may be entitled

to support. If you would like to talk about the care that you are

providing, please contact the Early Help Unit and ask for a Young

Carers Assessment.

Following your own assessment you may be offered more help:

  • assistance towards going on a school trip or holiday
  • assistance towards school/college activities
  • leisure activities; spending time with friends.
  • help towards hobbies and interests
  • equipment to help with your education e.g. books, computer
  • help towards employment opportunities.

If you are caring for someone and need help get in touch and

talk to us. We’ll look at what support you need and what we

can offer. Even if we can’t help directly we may know other

organisations that can help.

Young Carers or people supporting a young carer can contact

the Early Help Unit for more help and advice.

call: 01623 433500



post: Early Help Unit

Meadow House




NG18 2TB

Other resources for Young Carers include:



Care4me is a scheme that provides a range of services with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of carers and those for whom they care. This scheme is coordinated by Gedling Homes in partnership with Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group, the Carers Federation and other partners.

The services we offer broadly fall into one of five categories. Health & wellbeing support; social inclusion; practical support; home modifications and access support.

We have information on local health walks and exercise classes in Gedling if you would like to become more active. Or if you are a man aged 60+ you might be interested in the Men in Sheds drop-in sessions to work on your carpentry skills over a cuppa. Perhaps you would like to become more IT literate so you can order shopping or do banking online? If so we have a tutor who provides regular beginners IT classes.

If you or the person you care for has a long term health condition such as stroke, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or heart problems, there are classes that can help. We also have home exercise booklets, information re falls prevention and can provide manual handling training to help prevent injury.


The Young Person’s Positive Moves programme is available for 8-15 year olds who are inactive and have conditions such as autism or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Finally we have a limited budget to adapt your home to meet your needs depending on the outcome of an occupational therapist’s referral.

To enable you to access these services we can provide transport and respite care (we can arrange to have a qualified care provider look after the person you care for). For more information about care4me please contact Karen Archer at Gedling Homes on 0115 9051519 or


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